What Dave Does

Dave Goulding is a Magic Historian, Escape Artist, Thought Reader and Magician. He is also a published author (click here for his latest book).

Dave is in great demand as an expert contributer, pundit and performer for TV, Radio and the printed press. Here are links to some of his recent TV (and other) appearances:

Houdini in Aberdeen News Feature, STV

Secret Scotland, Channel 5

Escape at the Tivoli, Harbour Sleights

The Curious Life and Death of ... Harry Houdini, Smithsonian TV

Escape at Aberdeen Harbour, Courtesy of Eoin Smith

Who Is He?

He has been performing escapology and magic for more years than he cares to remember; let's just say that he first became interested by watching magic on television when it was black and white!

His background is in business management, specialising in IT. His major qualifications are in mathematics but he is also an experienced student of psychology. In his day he was a pretty proficient sportsman and athlete; essential as an escapologist.

What Has He Done?

Dave has been a performing Escapologist and Magician for many years. Over the past few years, Dave has been in great demand from all branches of the media as an expert in the fields of Escapology, Magic and Psychic/Paranormal Phenomena, appearing on television (The Curious Life and Death of Harry Houdini, Smithsonian Channel); Secret Scotland with Susan Calman, Channel 5; various news features on the BBC, STV and Granada TV), on the radio and in the printed press. Dave's USP is that he not only has a great deal of knowledge on the subjects and can speak and write very well about them but he can perform practical demonstrations too.

Dave has a few publications under his belt, the latest of which is a collection of his writings for Pisces Magazine called Magic Now and Again, available from Amazon (click on the title to go to the page).

He has worked all over the world and has performed in locations as diverse as an Australian beach and above the Arctic circle in Norway. He particularly enjoys spending time in the USA but his first love is performing in and around his adopted home city of Aberdeen.

Dave is a serious student of Magic History and has built up a wealth of knowledge and practical experience over the years.

Where Is He Based?

Dave is based in Aberdeen in the beautiful North-East of Scotland but originally hails from Liverpool.

How Can I Contact Him?

Contact Dave by email at dwgoulding@gmail.com

Dave's magic and thought reading site is thinkingofit.co.uk